It is time…

For too long I have held me breath. For too long I have quietly yelled at small and large businesses without putting it out on the internet for all to see. It stops now. Retailers and service providers take heed…I am here to help. My advice will be free and unedited. This blog will not be for sale. I will attempt to be both candid and humorous, although no promises on the latter.

Okay, enough drama. I just wanted to have a forum for me to share both good and bad customer service decisions, issues, etc. that I know of, experience, or hear about. But I want to go a little further than that…I will offer up both kudos to those doing well and advice for those who are not. I don’t want to only complain about those that suck, but make sure that I reward those who don’t.

I invite all to share, comment and participate in this blog. I think it could be fun and productive.

One note: I will not accept ads but I think WordPress puts some on until I upgrade…which I can’t promise I wil even write another post yet, so until I find that I will actually keep this up we will wait.